Neuron Class Referenceabstract

class implementing a simple integrate-and-fire neuron More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual int addStimulus (Synapse *synapse)=0
 Add a synapse. More...
virtual void removeStimulus (int n)=0
 remove a stimulus More...

Protected Member Functions

 Neuron (string name, string type)
 Construct. More...

Detailed Description

class implementing a simple integrate-and-fire neuron

This class implements functions common to all neurons - adding and removing of stimuli. A neuron is implemented as differential equation and inherits from DifferentialEquation. The neuron can be used with conductances, synapses or simple stochastic input. This class is meant as base class for neurons; the constructor is protected.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Neuron::Neuron ( string  name,
string  type 


This only calls the DifferentialEquation constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int Neuron::addStimulus ( Synapse synapse)
pure virtual

Add a synapse.

synapseThe synapse to be added.
The index of the integrator/integrand added. Use this number if you want to remove the synapse again. This adds a stimulus which is a synapse. The synapse should have the unit mV * mS.

Implemented in MlNeuron, and IfNeuron.

virtual void Neuron::removeStimulus ( int  n)
pure virtual

remove a stimulus

This removes the stimulus number n from the differential equation

Implemented in MlNeuron, and IfNeuron.