Plot Class Reference

A plot descriptor used by the Display class. More...

Public Member Functions

 Plot (string function, string name, string xlabel, string ylabel, string zlabel, int mode, int lineStyle=0)
 ~Plot ()

Public Attributes

string sFunction
 The function (analytic expression or filename).
string sName
 The name (label in gnuplot).
int nMode
 The mode (2D, 3D etc.)
string sXLabel
 The x-axis label.
string sYLabel
 The y-axis label.
string sZLabel
 The z-axis label.
string sUserSettings
 optional user settings
string sUsedDimensions
 optional setting for "using" string (see gnuplot)
int nLineStyle
 the line type (0 - normal count, 1 - ..: special colour/style)

Detailed Description

A plot descriptor used by the Display class.

This is meant to be used internally by the Display class. An object like this describes a plot command in gnuplot.