Physical Class Reference

A physical value. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Physical ()
 Physical (const Physical &)
 Physical (string name)
 Physical (string name, string unitPrefix, string unitSymbol)
 Physical (string name, Unit unit)
virtual string getDescription ()
 Retrive the physical name. More...
virtual string getPhysicalDescription ()
 Returns the physical description. More...
virtual string getUnitName ()
 Returns the unit name.
virtual string getUnitSymbol ()
 Returns the unit name.
virtual void setDescription (string name)
 Set the name. More...
virtual void setPhysicalDescription (string name)
 Set the name. Same as setDescription(). More...
virtual void setUnit (Unit u)
 Set the unit.
virtual void setUnitPrefix (int n)
 Set unit prefix. More...
virtual Unit getUnit () const
 Retrieve the unit.

Detailed Description

A physical value.

This is a 'something' that has a physical dimension (like time, weight, length...). It has a physical unit and a name (like 'voltage'). Use physical.getUnit().set(...) to set the physical unit.

Member Function Documentation

virtual string Physical::getDescription ( )

Retrive the physical name.

The name is constructed from the physical name (like "membrane voltage") and the unit symbol (like "mV"). In this example is would read "membrane voltage [mV]".

Reimplemented in StochasticProcess.

virtual string Physical::getPhysicalDescription ( )

Returns the physical description.

This is the name of the physical dimension of the object, if it has any. ("" otherwise)

Reimplemented in Time.

virtual void Physical::setDescription ( string  name)

Set the name.

The name of the physical quantity, like 'voltage'

Reimplemented in StochasticProcess.

virtual void Physical::setPhysicalDescription ( string  name)

Set the name. Same as setDescription().

The name of the physical quantity, like 'voltage'

virtual void Physical::setUnitPrefix ( int  n)

Set unit prefix.

Set the unit prefix by giving an integer from -24 to 24. Should be a multiple of 3, exception: -2,-1,2,1.