SeriesEstimator Class Reference

Recorder for stochastic properties of series. More...

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Public Member Functions

void collect ()
 Eat the next data point.
 SeriesEstimator (const Property &property, StochasticEventGenerator *src, StochasticEventGenerator *trigger, Time *time, int preEvents, int postEvents)
 Construct Object. More...
 ~SeriesEstimator ()
virtual Matrix getEstimate (const Property &)
 Return an estimation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Estimator
 Estimator (StochasticProcess *src, Time *time, const string &name="", const string &type="Estimator")
 Construct. More...
virtual ~Estimator ()
 Destroy. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Parametric
string getType () const
 Type of object.
string getName () const
 Name of object.
void setName (const string &name)
 Name of object.
string getConfiguration () const
 Returns the configuration of the object. More...
string getAllParameters () const
 String with all parameter settings.
void addParameter (const string &name)
 Add a parameter. More...
void rmParameter (const string &name)
 Remove a parameter. More...
virtual void setParameter (const string &name, const string &value)
 Set parameter. More...
virtual string getParameter (const string &name) const
 Get parameter. More...

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
 Reset all estimation dependent values.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Parametric
 Parametric (const string &name, const string &type)
 Create object of type and name.
virtual ~Parametric ()
 Destroy object.

Protected Attributes

Ring< uint > seriesRecords
 how many timesteps ago did process events happen
Queue< uint > seriesTriggers
 how many timesteps ago did trigger events happen
 source of data
 event triggering record action
- Protected Attributes inherited from Estimator
Property nEstimate
 what to record
 the source of data
uint nSamples
 number of samples recorded
 Time process for registering and running.

Detailed Description

Recorder for stochastic properties of series.

Records first, second and third centralised moments of series, i.e. mean, variance and skew of inter-event intervals, as well as distributions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SeriesEstimator::SeriesEstimator ( const Property &  property,
StochasticEventGenerator src,
StochasticEventGenerator trigger,
Time time,
int  preEvents,
int  postEvents 

Construct Object.

Constructs a SeriesEstimator.

propertya collection of things to record
srcsource variable
timeglobal time object
preEventsevents to record before trigger
postEventsevents to record before trigger